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Content management:

In order for a web site to 'grow' along with a company's Internet presence, it is crucial for the site to be easy to manage without the intervention of web developers every step of the way.

Why pay frequent update charges to your web designer when you can have online content management that provides site-scalability, convenience, and ease of use?

Design2 has considerable expertise in building high-end content management solutions using Microsoft® Content Management Server and Macromedia® Contribute.

But since these solutions can be expensive for small and medium sized enterprises, Design2 have developed its own tools that empower you to manage your site's content online, easily, and inexpensively

Our Products:


Design2's most popular content management tool, Design2Build has won praise from all our clients for its sheer simplicity and effectiveness.

Access your web site's content management console through a secure login, and change or add the pages you want by the click of a button. It is as simple as that.

If you are comfortable using a word processing tool like Microsoft® Word, you already have the expertise required to manage the site on your own using Design2Build

Standard features include:
Very familiar interface
Visit each page and edit content as if it were a page in a word processor
Insert images, documents, links, video or audio
Change background colours and text colours
Enable/disable articles or pages
Create new pages within a section or sub-section
Can be built using an online database or XML
Works with web sites using HTML, ASP, or Flash



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Design2 DataDev is our cutting-edge online database management solution. Making changes individually to each product or page to sites that needs frequent updation can be time consuming. Design2 DataDev allows you to update whole catalogues or sections on your website by simply uploading spreadsheets or databases from your own computer.

This way, all the changes you need to make on your site (like available stock, price changes, new products, and special offers, to name a few) can be made instantly from your more up-to-date file in your office.

Especially useful for maintaining online catalogues, stocks, news portals, b2b extranets, or similar requirements where wholesome changes need to be made to content - Design2 DataDev provides the versatility required to maintain medium to large sites without acquiring specialist in-house skills

Standard features include:
Simple to use interface
Choose the section of the site you need to update
Download online database for offline records/back-up
Upload files in Microsoft® Excel, Access, CSV or delimited text format
No site downtime during updation
Safe to use - if your file is not accurate, it will not corrupt live site



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Free initial consultation!
Why not call us today to discuss your content management needs, whatever your budget. We offer a FREE initial consultation and there is no obligation. You may also contact us through this simple form.

In addition to the standard features, we can include advanced features in Design2Build for a customised content management solution.




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