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Dynamic web design:

Web sites built using static pages (standard HTML, DHTML or Flash) are cumbersome and sometimes expensive to maintain.

Dynamic web sites greatly enhance the scope of services you can offer through the web, and help your site stay fresh and up-to-date without costly maintenance fees.

Dynamic web sites are used for:
Enabling interactivity with the web user
Serve information from a data source based on specific requests
Publishing 'live' content, easily, and on-demand
Conducting online business or commerce
Managing content internally without the help of web developers
Portals to offer various services from a single location
Communicating and exchanging information within an organisation or user group (intranet or extranet).

Design2 have several years of proven expertise in designing and building dynamic web sites. Whether it is a simple site with no more than a few pages, or a complex enterprise portal, we have a package that would suite all kinds of projects and budgets.

Nearly all web work done at Design2 is dynamic because we make them that much more affordable!
Some of our dynamic websites include:
Dentist Clock   Dentist Clock  
C&M Apostolides Ltd   Cama  
Zhuzh!   Zhuzh!  
Corporate LED   Zhuzh!  
Running Direct   Running Direct  

Our cutting-edge solutions, at very affordable costs and exceptional customer service make us an ideal partner for your dynamic web presence.

As part of the package, we offer:
Strategic Planning
Site Analysis and Architecture
Professional design that relates to your intended audience
Budgeting and setting roadmap for future expansion

In addition, we offer:
Site promotion and marketing
Content management and module-based upgrades
Post sales evaluation for future expansion

Free initial consultation!
Why not call us today to discuss your web needs, whatever your budget. We offer a FREE initial consultation and there is no obligation. You may also contact us through this simple form.

Some of the technologies we can deploy to build your dynamic web site:
Macromedia Flash
ASP,, PHP, Perl, WAP, ColdFusion, VBScript
MS SQL, MySQL, XML, Oracle
Java, JavaSwing, JavaBeans, JavaScript
VB Script, Activex
SOAP, XML Webservices

Web page design solutions, extranet design and content management services from design2. A UK media agency providing ecommerce software solutions including
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